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I have a warrant out for my arrest, can I avoid going to jail?

Warrants have a nasty habit of popping up at the worst time. If you have an outstanding warrant, you need to talk with and hire an attorney very soon. Whether a lawyer can handle your case without you having to come back to court or turn yourself into the jail depends on a variety of factors: the charge, the judge, and the prosecutor. Generally, the less serious the charge (traffic ticket), the greater chance the attorney can handle the case without you coming to court or turning yourself into the sheriff and making bond.

Can I file for an early termination of probation?

If you have completed all your conditions of probation and you haven’t had any violations while on probation, it might be a good time to hire an attorney and file a motion to close probation. The Georgia Legislature has changed the way probation is viewed and is now encouraging judges to close cases early if there isn’t a reason to keep the case open. While this is often dependent on the charge involved, I have had several cases recently where the judges closed my client’s case and saved them from having several years left on probation. Make sure you hire an attorney to give yourself the best chance at success.

I am charged with a crime I didn’t commit and the prosecutor has no evidence, do I need a lawyer?

Being charged with a criminal offense is a serious situation. People are wrongly accused all the time. Unfortunately, individuals cannot expect the police, prosecutors or courts to come to the right conclusion or only charge the “guilty.” If you are charged with a criminal offense, you need an advocate to make sure your rights are protected, your case is heard, and you are defended to the fullest extent. Only YOUR attorney can do that for you.

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